Sugar High

June 29, 2008

Can you tell what this cheeseburger….

….and these two Hello Kitties have in common?

Give up? The answer is: they are ALL made of marshmallows. Yes, marshmallows!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw the marshmallow cheeseburger – it was actually made up of four parts – the bun (complete with sesame seeds!), cheese, “beef” patty and the bottom part of the bun. Too bad the four parts were somewhat fused together in the middle. Would have been fun taking them apart. And for a $0.99 fake burger, don’t be expecting any fake lettuce, tomatoes and pickles! I personally couldn’t get myself to try the marshmallow burger because my brain just couldn’t process the concept of biting into a realistic looking cheeseburger that smelled sweet out of the bag. And in case you’re wondering, I cut the marshmallow cheeseburger into half just to see what color it is on the inside. Turns out the cross-section also resembles a cheeseburger. Now that’s commitment!

As for the Hello Kitty marshmallow pieces, aren’t those cute? They are actually Marshmallow Pops.

Again, I couldn’t bring myself to bite into them because it just won’t be right to bite into those cute faces! It also didn’t help that I looked at the list of ingredients and saw “Titanium Dioxide” listed as an ingredient. Umm…isn’t that sunblock? Didn’t get the sugar high I was craving for, but at least I got a visual high!

Extra yummy: If you want to see how real professional food photography is done, check out any photos by the uber-talented Matt Armendariz. Just a friendly warning: do not view his photos on an empty stomach! I was so mesmerized by his photography that I cold called him and scheduled a photo shoot for our company’s products last week. You can view the photos from the shoot here.


Room Candy – always yummy!


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