The Only Sports Post You’ll See On This Blog

July 6, 2008

Did you have a great 4th of July weekend? It sure went by faster than I thought, especially since I spent (or wasted) the entire morning today glued to the telly watching the Wimbledon men’s finals. “Now, what does tennis have anything to do with a blog highlighting stuff that are cute and yummy?”, you ask yourself? Nothing really, but it’s the setup I need to share with you a YouTube video I saw a few weeks ago featuring the Wimbledon winner and cutie Rafael Nadal. It’s actually a viral ad done by Kia using clay animation, but you don’t even have to be a tennis fan to enjoy it. It’s got aliens, some funky dancing, and really – just two minutes of funny entertainment.

Extra yummy: Here’s an easy to play arcade style tennis game where you can burn a few calories smashing at the keyboards! Enjoy!


Room Candy – always yummy


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