Panda Power

July 7, 2008

I think it’s fair to say that no one is immune to the cuteness of a panda. Those big black patches around the eyes, the sweet goofy demeanor coupled with the puffy rotund body – a panda always reminds me of a real life cartoon character!

To pay tribute to this adorable creature, I decided to do a Room Candy version of a panda toy. It wasn’t really hard to design – all I had to do was draw a few circles and ovals like so:

I decided for the second look because it’s more jolly. The first sample back from the factory was pretty much spot on, which is really rare because most toys usually take at least 3-4 tries to get right. Like I said, pandas are just like living dolls!

Initial panda toy sample. The only thing I had to do was switch to a furrier fabric and add a tail.

Here’s the final version of our Wally The Panda toy:

Big black eyes? Check. Happy expression? Check. Furry body? Check.

Bushy tail? Check!!

More yummy: I named our new panda toy after my dog Wally, so just for fun, I had Wally’s puppy picture photoshopped to look like a panda.

Wally the maltese puppy

Wally the pandanese!

Even more yummy: In 2005, a Japanese man made headlines when he decided to dye (with temporary dye) his rescued poodle/maltese mix to look like a Panda. Here’s a video of Columbo, the Panda Dog!


Room Candy – always yummy!


One Response to “Panda Power”

  1. Nikki Says:


    I was just curious where you got the the panda toy in the pictures below, It’s adorable!

    P.S – Your Maltese is a cutie, good job on making him a Pandanese.

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