My New Hobby

July 13, 2008

Ever since I got my new Canon Rebel Xsi (with the hopes of taking better pictures for this blog), I am officially addicted to photography. Granted, I know the camera does more than half of the work of making the pictures come out looking great, but it still feels very gratifying and relaxing when I look back at the photos I take, especially those of nature. I hope you’ll indulge me as I share some of the photos I took of the flowers around my garden.

These are Agapanthus flowers, or Lily of the Nile. At least every other house in my neighborhood also has these flowers in the yard, so when I drive around, it’s like driving amongst a sea of these beautiful bursts of purple and white flowers.

Look, even our Tiki The Monkey toy appreciates these delicate flowers!

This is a closeup of a tree in my backyard. I love the berry-like fruits on the tree.

And these are the flowers that grow on a hedge that lines my driveway. I wish I know what these are called…it’s just not that easy finding the name of a particular flower species based on the description alone. I mean, typing “pretty light pink flowers that grow in a cluster” in google ain’t exactly very specific!

And here are a few photoshopped pictures of the same flower:

This reminds me of glowing pink jellyfish pictures underwater.

We had a flower painting just like this one when I was little.

Flower tile art!


Room Candy – always yummy


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