Caring Is Sharing!

July 14, 2008

I guess you can pretty much shape marshmallow into anything because ever since I posted about fun shaped marshmallow pops a couple of weeks back, I’m discovering more marshmallow treats that are so detailed it’s practically mind boggling. Look what I found over the weekend.

Awww, it’s the Care Bears! I used to watch the Care Bears cartoons when I was little, and all I remembered were the bears flying around in the air and ending the episode by reiterating the “caring is sharing!” motto. I must be getting old because enough time has passed that they are back in vogue again!


I suspect these three bears were chosen because they make good candy colors (I don’t know how kids would react to a blue Grumpy Bear, although he was actually my favorite!), but here are their names again.

Wish Bear

Cheer Bear

Funshine Bear – love the hat!

These marshmallow pops are about the same size as our Teddy The Bear dog toy, so I couldn’t resist doing a group shot.

Beary cute!

And don’t these two make a lovely couple?


Room Candy – always yummy!


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