Itsy Bitsy Tiny Teeny

July 17, 2008

Can you tell what do these five things have in common? Hint: the title of the post may give you a big clue!

1) A hand painted picture frame

2) These plastic chicken figurines

3) These clay pots

4) These fruit themed erasers

5) And these plastic pig figurines

Give up? Well, they are all tiny. But just how tiny? Here they are placed alongside each other.

The clay pot you see is actually only 0.5 inch high! Which makes the other items to its left even tinier. Here’s the group picture again with a quarter as a guide.

Crazy, right? I picked up these items at various stores, and they are all priced at either $1 or below. In fact, the largest sized item (which was the 3″ magnetic picture frame) was the cheapest of the lot at $0.25. You can see the scale of the frame when placed with our 6″ Tiki The Monkey dog toy.

The chicken and pig figurines are actually part of an animal farm set (50 pieces for $1 – cheap!). The other animals in the set are not as cute, but here they are altogether.

You got a pig, a lamb, a horse, a cow, a hen and chicks as well as what looks to me like a brown wolf. I just want to point something out from the animal farm set because it freaked me out a little. Here’s a closeup of the horse figurine:

Eeek – evil horses! Notice the red eyes and the fused legs.


Room Candy – always yummy!


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