What Rhymes With Marzipan?

July 21, 2008

An apple a day keeps the doctor away? How about an apple, a lemon, an orange, a strawberry and a pear?

These fruity delights are actually 1″ marzipans that I bought at my local farmer’s market. I wish I had bought the whole box because seeing these marzipan fruits all lined up in a box gives me the same kind of high I get when I open a box of chocolates. Aren’t they incredible?

I can just imagine the work that goes into each one of these sweets – between molding the almond sugar paste into these shapes and then hand airbrushing the colors on. Talk about things that are too pretty to eat!

Why stop at just fruits? These are two adorable 2″ piggy bank marzipans I picked up on the same day.

Oink, oink!

You got coin? I got coin too!

For those of you wondering, the coin you see is actually a paper coin. I tried to dislodge it to see if it has any value printed on it, but it’s lodged pretty good in the pig!

These pigs actually remind me a little bit of our Nunu The Pig toy.

See? They all have the same floppy ears!

Extra yummy: While doing some reading on marzipan, I saw this picture of a marzipan spread on wiki; check out the amazing variety! I see marzipans shaped like cherries, plums, peaches, bread, bananas, butterflies, fish, mushrooms, cauliflowers – it’s like an a-z list of things you can make with marzipan!

Photo credit: wikipedia

Even more yummy: I’ve had the Asian version of marzipan, which is made of mung bean paste instead of almond and has a glossier appearance because the marzipans are coated with a thin layer of agar agar (clear jelly). You can view a picture of these Asian marzipans (luk chups) here.



Room Candy – always yummy!


One Response to “What Rhymes With Marzipan?”

  1. Hello Linny,

    Thank you for your kind words and your blog about my marzipan. I feel very lucky to be doing something that is creative, fun and also yummy to eat.

    The paper coins are actually a replica of an old German penny.

    Don’t be afraid to eat any of these marzipan shapes – I’m always making more!

    Thanks again – Beate, MarzipanConfections.com

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