Tiki Got A Haircut

July 22, 2008

Every summer, I give Tiki a puppy cut because his hair grows so long he looks like a mini sized Yeti. And every time I do it, I’m amazed at how skinny he looks underneath all his fur!

This is Tiki with long hair (the Yeti version is even puffier)

And this is how Tiki looks today right after his bath and his summer cut (the hair around his snout is still kind of wet from the bath)

He usually acts pretty indignant right after his haircut, but I realize now that it’s all an act because it always works in guilting me into “comforting” him with dog biscuits. Look at that pout! That boy knows he’s going to get some biscuits right after I take that picture.

….5 minutes later (and 3 dog biscuits gone)

“Aah…I’m feeling much better now.”

This is Tiki posing with Wally when his hair is long. He usually looks much bigger than Wally because of the added girth from his hair.

And look at the difference now!

Tiki, you look easily 5 years younger!

Extra yummy: All this talk about Tiki’s puppy cut makes me want to dig up his puppy pictures from eight years ago. These are pictures of Tiki when he was a wee puppy. He was a jolly little fella then, and he’s still a jolly little fella now!



Room Candy – always yummy!


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