July 24, 2008

We’ve always been known for our small toys, so I wanted to branch out into bigger toys this year. Not just bigger, but JUMBO! Humongo! Gigundo!

Keep in mind, up until this point, the biggest toy we had was the Jeffrey the Giraffe, which measures about 12″ tall.

I guess as far as JUMBO toys go, Jeffrey would be considered an entry level JUMBO toy. Time to go bigger! This is JUMBO Sebastian the Shark, coming in at about 14″ and introduced earlier this year.

How many JUMBO shark toys can you fit into a small Room Candy nest bed? Now you know!

And these just came in a couple of weeks ago – JUMBO versions of our jungle toys. 16″ tall, y’all!

JUMBO Gigi The Giraffe (with the regular 6″ Gigi)

JUMBO Pepe The Tiger. For two years, I called the 6″ version “Pepe The Panther” (because I love alliterations) until one of my customers gently reminded me that panthers have spots and tigers have stripes. Oopsie! You would think that for someone who regularly watches the National Geographic and Discovery channels, I would know the difference between these two jungle cats. Pepe The Tiger it is!

Leo The Lion.

Look how big those feet are on the JUMBO toys! They are easily four times bigger than the regular versions of the jungle toys.

How do I feel about JUMBO toys? To quote a certain Tony the Tiger, “They’re grrrrrrrreeeeeeaaaaattt!!!”



Room Candy – always yummy!


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