Bogie For The Course

July 30, 2008

There are people who take their dogs to work, and then there’s Mike Turner, who took his dog Bogie for a round of golf yesterday!

Bogie is probably thinking that he’s visiting a four star dog park!

Bogie is a three year old Border Collie – one of three border collies owned by the Turner family. Owner Mike is an avid golfer (he even qualified for the Senior Tour last year!), so it’s no surprise how Bogie got his name. If you recall, I did a post on Bogie’s equally handsome canine brother Jammer a couple of weeks ago. While Jammer is the sweet and quiet one, Bogie is the family goofball with the heart of a lion. I’ve seen videos of Bogie rolling around on the couch like a clown with the family’s then puppy Bentley, but don’t let that silly demeanor fool you. According to the Turners, Bogie is very devoted to the family, so don’t you be messing with any of Bogie’s family members because you’ll have to deal with him first!

Bogie has a way with the ladies! :)

Mike told me that Bogie had a great time at the course playing fetch, and loved riding around in the golf cart. I foresee a new trend in the golfing word – canine caddies!

This hole plays slightly dogleg left, not including the four that Bogie has!

Thanks for these wonderful pictures, Mike!


Room Candy – always yummy!


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