Mike and Ike – I Like!

August 5, 2008

I love checking out the candy aisle of any supermarket because not only are the packaging of the various sweets usually a happy hue, the names are often equally happy sounding. Even if I don’t end up buying anything, it’s always fun to browse through all the eye candy (obvious pun intended!).

Such was not the case today, as I couldn’t resist these Mike and Ike boxed candy – I’ve never tried them before, but from the pictures on the box, the candy looked like jumbo colored tic tacs, or jumbo donut sprinkles. I’m sold!

Here’s a little exercise in rhyming and alliterations (my high school literature class coming back to haunt me): Mike and Ike – I like, I like!

Tropical Typhoon,

Tangy Twister, Berry Blast?

Cute Colored Candy!

See that – that’s a combo move with alliteration in the form of a haiku. Hah! Double score for dorky me!

Turns out the candy pieces were not as uniformly oblong as they looked on the packaging, although they sure were quite colorful. See if you can guess which flavors these candy are just based on the color.

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4 – This one’s pretty obvious!

Group 5

Oki dokie, did you write down your guesses?

Group 1 is Tropical Twister, Group 2 is Tropical Typhoon, Group 3 is Original Fruits, Group 4 is Jolly Joes and Group 5 is Berry Blast. I’m intrigued that with the exception of the all-grape box, each box comes with five flavors, thus five distinct colors. For example, for the Tropical Twister, the flavors were raspberry (dark red), cherry (red), citrus ranch (orange), apple (green) and pineapple (yellow). I wonder if I can do a similar theme with our dog toys?

These are our Joey The Monkey toy, Green Applehead toy, Cherries Ahoy toy, Orangehead toy and Strawberry Shortcake toy. What should I call this grouping? Something that either rhymes or has alliteration? How about The Fabulous Fruity Fivesome? Or Frootie Tootie Soft and Chewy? I got it – it’s the Super Soft Squeaky Sweeties!



Room Candy – always yummy!


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