Oodles Of Poodles

August 7, 2008

These beauties are Painter, Panda and Summer – three standard poodles owned by breeder/show handler/trainer Fran in Richmond, VA. I got to know Fran through flickr, and she was generous enough to share these pictures on our blog. Let’s meet each of the three musketeers, shall we?

Painter is a two and a half year old wonder kid who is also a certified therapy dog. Fran wrote on her website, “He was always Mr. Friendly and loved all the dogs and people.” As a puppy, Painter not only learned how to sit and stay, he also learned how to shake hands, play dead, turn, crawl and paw at the hand holding a hidden treat – all within a few weeks! And to think how proud I am with Wally and Tiki being able to sit and stay – boy do they have a long way to go! :)

This is Panda, another Canine Good Citizen (CGC) graduate. Not only is she smart and sweet, she also has a spot on her back that looks like an upside down Mickey Mouse. If you ask me, though, I think it looks like something else…

Here’s the face of our Wally The Panda dog toy.

Here’s the upside down version of the face.


Last but not least, here’s the stunning Summer, who’s won several dog shows. I can just imagine how beautiful she looks in person – it must have taken Fran hours to get that hair to look so perfect!

Summer’s hair protected in a snood. I just adore this picture!

Do check out Fran’s photostream on flickr to see more photos of these three spoos (short for standard poodles) and Fran’s equally beautiful cats. You can also read more about the threesome on Fran’s website.



Room Candy – always yummy!


One Response to “Oodles Of Poodles”

  1. karen Says:


    I have owned dogs my whole life, but never a standard poodle. We had a miniature poodle while I was growing up. My ? is………I keep seeing lots of warnings about fences , not invisible fencing, but a real fence, do these dogs run away if you don’t have them on a leash or fenced in? I have a collie and had a yellow lab and even though we have a large yard, they are outside with me and not put on a rope…………..Are poodles runners/ Just wondering? Thanks, Karen

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