Lucky In Love

August 8, 2008

What’s that noise I hear all around the world today? Why, it’s wedding church bells ringing! The number eight has always been considered lucky in the Asian culture, so when you have a date like 8/8/8, what better way to celebrate than with a wedding. I read that alone had 22,000 registered weddings for that date, with many more thousands of couples doing so all over the world.

My Mom & Dad’s wedding pic (almost 40 years ago!)

I think part of the fun of these wedding sites is to read up about how the couples met and to learn about how their relationship blossomed, so to keep up with the festive occasion, I though it would be fun to match up the “couples” I have in our toy line and describe them in the couple-in-love way.

This is Peep and Tweet The Chicken. Peep remembered that the first time he saw Tweet, he thought to himself, “Now that’s one cute chick!” After they got engaged, the couple decided to get matching heart embroidery on their chest to remind themselves of each other.

Our second couple is Simon and Sunny The Squid. Sunny told me a funny story about the night before Simon proposed, he had asked her Dad if he could have her hand in marriage. Sunny’s Dad answered, “Well, son, she’s got eight of them tentacles – which one do you want?”

And our last couple is Boy and Girl Hippos. Did you know that Hippo Girl’s Mom tried out for Disney’s Fantasia movie as one of the dancing hippos? For the wedding reception, the couple surprised wedding guests when their first dance together was…what else…a hippo hop routine!

P.S. What kind of cake did these three couples have at their reception? Our lemon buttercream rosette cake, of course!

Congratulations, all you newlyweds!


Room Candy – always yummy!


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