Cupcakes Ahoy!

August 13, 2008

I had Boston Market for din-din a few days ago (meatloaf, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole topped with oatmeal streusel and toasted marshmallows – yum!), and saw these packaged cupcakes by the counter.

Hello – Boston Market has cupcakes now? Fantastic, I’ll take a week’s worth of them!

If you notice, the folks at Corporate has taken the extra step of packing the cupcakes with an additional cardboard piece that keeps these frosted delights intact even with my erratic driving, which has been known to destroy the structural integrity of pristine looking dessert, especially of the cake variety. Even the single cupcake pack comes in a plastic box that has a special shaped bottom that cradles the cupcake such that it stays put. You get extra brownie points (pun intended) for that, oh Boston Market!

The two flavors available are Death By Chocolate and Neapolitan. Here’s a little heads up – make sure you arm yourself with a very tall glass of milk to go with these cupcakes because when I first bit into the chocolate cupcake, I nearly went into a sugar/chocolate induced shock. If you’ve had Boston Market’s chocolate cake before, that’s what the chocolate cupcake tasted like – minus the additional 260 calories per serving compared to the sliced cake version. A cupcake that is cute and chocolatey? I think I just found a new staple the next time I do my Boston Market night!

I had the Neapolitan cupcake the day after, and spent a few minutes beforehand gazing dreamily into the beautiful layers of pink/mint green frosting on top of the chocolate cupcake base. I wonder if these frosting tops were done by hand or with a machine?

I couldn’t really taste any mint flavoring (or is it pistachio for the green?) in the frosting, but it still complemented the chocolate cupcake on the bottom very nicely. And such a witty take on the Neapolitan ice cream.

Photo credit: wikipedia

Look, we have our versions of the Neapolitan as well!

Neapolitan ice cream charm

Chocolate+Strawberry+Vanilla cupcake toys = the Room Candy Neapolitan cupcake trio!


Room Candy – always yummy!


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