Wild Thing, You Make Me Want To Drink

August 14, 2008

I came across this photo today about a special limited Coca Cola Light packaging designed by Roberto Cavalli that will debut in Italy next month. Check out those jungle themes – meowsa! What was somewhat surprising to me was when I read through various blogs that were referencing the unique packaging, the blog comments were really divided between people who love the design and people who loathe the design. You know me – I personally love the jungle theme and would probably have bought a twelve pack of each kind if they were available here, but I can appreciate that the stripes and spots may be too much for some people. With that in mind, may I suggest a compromise?

JUMBO Pepe Toy

Pepe The Tiger

Ty The Tiger

Now you can choose either to go with the fizzy or the fuzzy! :)

P.S. If anybody is traveling to Italy in the next three months, could you please get me a bottle. Pretty please?



Room Candy – always yummy!


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