Lucky Number Eight

August 18, 2008

I bet if Michael Phelps gets a dollar for every time his name is mentioned by someone, he would easily be a millionaire this past weekend! I’m one of the many who’s been on pins and needles this past week watching his every race in pursuit of eight gold medals, and even when I cheated and found out beforehand that he had won race number “x” in the late afternoon via the internet, I would still watch the same race later on at night on TV and cheer like a maniac when he was in the water. What an amazing feat indeed! Not that the guy needs any more accolades thrown his way, but here’s a Room Candy tribute to his amazing accomplishment.

Count them – eight goldfish!

And let’s not forget about Darra Torres, who got an impressive three silver medals herself! Silver may be second place in the olympics, but considering that she beat dozens of swimmers half her age, I say she should consider those three medals as platinum, which is worth more than gold!

Three silver sharks

Thank you, Michael and Darra, for providing a week’s worth of such high entertainment for us all. Well worth the few dark circles under my eyes for staying up late every night watching the olympics!


Room Candy – always yummy!


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