I Love Ikea!

August 19, 2008

Ikea ranks as one of the top five companies I admire greatly – not only because they have such an amazing array of products, their ability to innovate and continuously come up with great designs at unbelievably low prices is enviable. I just received my new Ikea catalog the other day and wanted to check out the items myself, so I made the pilgrimage to the one in Burbank, CA yesterday afternoon. Here are the products that caught my eye. You should grab yourself some refreshments and a light snack – this post is gonna take a while to go through!

Look, it’s a cherry patterned sofa! What can I say, even Ikea knows that cherries are timeless!

Gotta have matching cherry curtains to go with those cherry sofas.

How cute are these side tables? The one thing I love about Ikea is how bold they are with their colors, and so spot on with that bright yellow! The curve and stance of these table legs kind of look like those of a french bulldog’s.

Photo credit: wikipedia

See what I mean? A few of my retail customers have french bulldogs themselves, and these compact dogs are adorable in person. They are really sturdily built and very muscular, but they tend to waddle when they walk because they have a wide stance. So cute! No wonder there is usually a long waiting list for a french bulldog puppy!

Entrance to the kids section. This is easily my most favorite section of Ikea because kids just get the coolest furniture (so unfair!). Or it could be because in Burbank, the Ikea kids section is right next to the cafeteria!

Frogs and dragons and mice, oh my!

Aqua themed mobile.

And fishies in every color!

Red air balloon mobile with little plushies in the basket. Someone help me call a doctor because I’m overwhelmed by all these cuteness!

Glowing night lamps in the shape of ghosts. They are also squishy to the touch – too clever!

Our scully toy is spooky cute too. I wonder if he’ll make a good night lamp?

Whaddaya think? :)

Plush finger puppets. You get ten different styles per pack – what a great deal!

Penguin dining set. The clear blue plates even have air bubbles trapped inside them.

A seal top that doubles as a ski mask? Awesome! I’ll have to try this look with our penguin toy using a tube sock soon!

Frog themed dining set kits. Now your kids can go ribb-eat like a frog!

And now we’ve come to the toy section.

Whale, what do we have here?

Hello, Foxy Mama!

This bulldog means business!

Same with this beaver!

I bet this rat toy can smell the yummy food in the cafeteria right next door!

Give those prince charmings a kiss!

But watch out for that bug in his mouth. :)

I first thought the winged frog toy was related to Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit characters, but I guess not. I’ve never really read her books, but her watercolor illustrations are so full of personality. No wonder they are so well loved!

Free Beatrix Potter desktop wallpapers found here.

Ikea also has crocodile plushes galore.

Tiny crocodile plushies with red polka dots. My two nephews recently came down with the chicken pox – I should have gotten them these crocodile plushies to cheer them up!

JUMBO crocodile bolster…

…and the life sized, JUMBO-JUMBO crocodile plush! This plush is over five feet long!

Saw this on the floor of the toy playground/showcase area. Hey, there’s a kid wandering around with his left croc slipper missing!

Now that you have your arms full of Ikea stuff, where to store them?

You could use these colorful hanging net bins which also come in mini sizes.

My personal pick has to be these mini storage bins in the perfect shade of pink.

Phew! Walking through Ikea was quite a workout – time for those swedish meatballs with tart lingonberry jam! A lot of the products you see are available on the Ikea website, although most of the plushes are only available in the physical stores. You know how the Room Candy’s company slogan is “always yummy!”? If you apply that same concept to Ikea, then it would read: Ikea – So Swede!



Room Candy – always yummy!


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