Spurned Again!

August 20, 2008

I am so excited to have a new writer for our blog! Everyone, meet Rachel Roth. I got to know Rachel after she wrote a post about our felt charms and dessert themed toys on www.snackerrific.com (click here for the review), and we hit it off right away with our mutual love for everything cute and kawaii, so I just had to ask her to freelance for our Room Candy blog. Rachel also owns a cat named Tiger (the name says it all!), and if we’re especially lucky, Tiger may occasionally pop in and give us her feline take on things. So without further ado…take it away, Rachel!




I spent my weekend in eager anticipation. One might ask “why?” Was I invited to a hot party in Vegas with the Hiltons? Am I a contender on Season 8 of “American Idol”? The answers are, sadly, “no” and “no”. However, I _did_ return home Saturday afternoon to find a Fedex tag on my door. This could only mean one thing: my newest gift for Tiger had arrived in the mail!

Practically breathless, I raced to the apartment office. ..only to find it closed. I was crestfallen. This meant I’d have to wait until Monday to make my latest plea for Tiger’s affections! I tried to assure myself that, once Tiger saw what I had in store for her this time, the ice queen would be furry putty in my hands.

Monday reared its ugly head all too soon, but thoughts of my soon-to-blossom relationship with Tiger made my workday at Ye Olde Mini-storage fly by. During my lunch break, I called Mike to make certain Tiger’s bed was retrieved from its holding place. I practically floated down the 405 at work’s end…Tiger was going to accept me, at long last! What cat in her right mind could resist a soft, luxurious cushion-bed?

Flying up the stairs and flinging open my door with nary a thought, I found a suspiciously large package awaiting its opening. Tiger was lying in one of her usual spots, apparently indifferent to both myself and the box.

Tiger in her comfy corner.

I made a friendly gesture, giving her a quick pet and trying to pique her curiosity.

“What do you think is inside?” I asked. “Could it be yarn? Maybe a new scratching post?” I swear the feline diva’s ears perked up at that, but it didn’t take long for her careful nonchalance to return. Withdrawing a kitchen knife, I approached the cardboard treasure chest and made my first cut.

Cutting through the package tape, I was delighted to find not one, but _two_ blue nest beds, one an oval “poodle-fur” variety and the other of the “jewel-tones” rectangle variety. Both were suitably soft and fluffy, not to mention, of course, gorgeous. Perfect for an afternoon nap. Certain Tiger would agree, I tracked her to a hiding nook behind a pile of clothing, and urged her in the general direction of the beds.

Tiger walked right by. Apparently, either she hated my guts or the idea of a bed/nap didn’t appeal to her. I reasoned that adding catnip might lure her in for awhile. Two days have passed since the beds’ arrival, and in an act of desperation, I actually _have_ sprinkled the “jewel-tones” bed with a fine dusting of the ostensibly irresistible herb. Thus far, Tiger has remained stand-offish and resolute…but mark my words…eventually, I will win her heart.

Comfortable Right here, thank you.

I shall NOT let you see me in those beds!


Reow!! That She-Devil’s really painting me in a negative light today (Literally, see above meow)! Let me set you straight – I’m not all bad – I’m really quite friendly if I like you. Just ask my human boyfriend, Mike (purrrr).

Yes, this bed is VERY comfortable…

I’m attractive to boot, and so I reserve the right to be selective with my friends (MeOW!)

Really, Rachel is sooo not my type – unless she has yummies for me, or fun boxes for me to scratch. If I had no use for her at all, I’d make Mike kick her out. Us kitties are quite skilled in interspecies communication, when we need to be ::purr, hiss, scratch, cuddle, lick:: See?

The Devil-Lady’s making it sound like I don’t appreciate her beds. I _do_ love one of them. The one with fur appalls me. It looks like a DOG (hiss)! God, how I despise those stupid, filthy beasts! But I digress.

The other bed; the unfurry one is lovely. Actually, I spent most of the other day napping in it (mew mew). Devil-Lady was gone for the day, so I figured there was no harm in settling down and tuning out for a bit. I was lost in a blissful, soft oblivion when all at once, the door snapped open. It was Devil-Lady – with the older, louder Devil-Lady who’s been around for the last week! I was seen (row)!

Still waking up, I was temporarily paralyzed – and embarrassed. Not only had the two undesirables seen me on the bed – the older one started LOUDLY commenting on it, while the original one withdrew the flashy device – I know what was coming. I made like a bird (mmm…bird…) and FLEW. Oh well…human beds may not be as cute, but they’re bigger and therefore better, right?

Today, Devil-Lady refuses to leave. I’ve tried ignoring her. Even when she poured me a pack of delicious fish-mush, I stayed in my corner. Now she’s sprinkled catnip all over my comfy nap-bed (puuurrrrrr…) but no!! I must NOT give in! I know what she wants to do! She’s trying to flash at me again and steal my soul!

…Yet the bed…and the catnip…soooo tempting…

~~By Rachel (and Tiger)~~


Room Candy – always yummy!


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