My Fifteen Minutes of Game

October 30, 2008

Hello, has it been a couple of weeks since my last post? How ironic is it that I’m slacking off at blogging when my last post was on the most industrious and hardworking blogger/mommy/designer from For shame, Linny! (wiggle your forefinger at the screen – I deserve it!)

Anyhoo, I have been spending an inordinate amount of time lately playing casual games online. Call it my form of escapism from all the never ending stream of bleak news all over the news these days. Here are a few that were particularly amusing to me (click on the game names for links).

1) Makeover game (80s style)

This is the look I came up with for my model. I call her Lucy Lookie. Heck, with legs like that, any outfit would look good!

Check out those accessories! I am especially taken by those flared, white wrist thingies on the bottom right (I’ll have to google the proper name). Did girls actually wear those back then?

2) Music Catch

A very nice, melancholy piano piece plays in the background and you basically “catch” the shapes that come on screen.

Supposedly, you can also download your own songs with the full version. Cool!

3) Ping Pong game

Wow, this one was soooooo much fun, but it can be a real time suck. I grew up playing ping pong, and the sound effects of this game are awesome! The game is developed by Nabisco, so there are a few Nabisco product placements throughout the game. And yes, I did get strangely hungry after I played the game!

Hmm, I wonder what Nabisco product they’re touting in the game…could it be Jello?

Well, I don’t have the kind of budget that Nabisco has for product placement (even a casual online game costs easily as much as a car to develop), so here’s my attempt at subliminal branding. See if you can count the number of “x”s there are in the next sentence:



Room Candy – always yummy!


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