Happy Howl-loween!

October 31, 2008

You knew I had to use that pun, right? :)

Here are some pictures that the Turner family sent me of their border collies all dressed up for Halloween.

Bogie as a pirate. Oh, you can tell Bogie knows he’s looking mighty handsome!

Arrrr!!!  Shiver me timbers!

Notice the mock hook on his right paw and the mini parrot on his hat?

Now it’s Bentley’s turn. Can you guess what he’s dressed up as?

Here’s a hint: May the force be with you.

He’s Princess Leia from Star Wars!

Okay, so Bentley is actually a boy, but he doesn’t seem to mind being a girl for a day!  Besides, the point of Halloween is to enjoy dressing up, right?

Bogie’s second costume as a jailbird.

Somebody help me get this ball and chain off! (I wonder if the plush ball squeaks?)

Bogie’s doing time for being too adorable, and I hope the Turners are feeding him nothing but treats while he’s in “jail”!

And my personal favorite for a dog costume this year:

Yo quero taco?  Costume available here.



Room Candy – always yummy!


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