E3 2009 – Room Candygirls!

June 4, 2009

We are launching a new game on Facebook, MySpace and iPhone this month called StripPRS (the PRS stands for Paper, Rock, Scissors), and I decided to do a marketing blitz during the E3 show in Los Angeles.  Check out my cute Room Candygirls!

Room Candy Games StripPRS E3 Candygirls

We had a ton of fun giving out undies screenprinted with the StripPRS logos, and had even more fun making people show us their undies in return.  I was actually surprised how most people were gung ho about doing so in public! :)



You can view more pics on stripprsgame.com – I haven’t posted them all up yet as we took about 2000 pictures during the two days, but you’ll see the crazy antics we’ve had over the last couple of days alone.

If you’d like us to feature you on the blog, feel free to e-mail me at blog@roomcandygames.com – just remember to pose with your Paper-Rock-Scissors hands!


Room Candy

Always yummy!


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