Room Candy is a lifestyle company currently offering a line of dog toys, beds, and accessories.  We are very partial to the color of pink, which is ironic because company founder Linny has always had boy dogs.  Go figure.

If you would like to share any pictures of your dogs playing with our toys, napping in our beds, or anything else that you think we should post on this blog, e-mail us at blog[at]

Thanks for visiting our blog!

Wally and Tiki


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Hanlin Says:

    Hey Linny,

    I was randomly surfing the web and accidentally came across this website. Can i ask if you have been to River Valley Primary School in Singapore before? If you haven’t, i probably got the wrong Linny. =) Sorry to bother then.

    Very nice site and photos you have here.

    Best regards!

  2. erica Says:


    My dog loves your toys, particularly your Skully round head toy. However, over the years it has become old and torn up. Please tell me that there is some place that I can get a replacement and perhaps some friends of Skully’s. Again, love the products and hope we can still get them.


    • roomcandy Says:

      Hi, Erica – Thanks for keeping our toys in mind all these years! I’ve exited the toy business but I do have a few sample toys left, just not the Skully one in particular. If you’re interested in those other ones, please email me at

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